Now free delivery and quick-install for Solar Systems (Northern Bukidnon and CdO)!

Good news – biggest savings ever!

If you order your solar panels from us (order value at P10,000 or more) we will DELIVER them for FREE (cemented roads only, subject to our approval, system needs to be prepaid through BPI or in person) and give you ADVISE on HOW and WHERE to install them. Due to lack of staff we can’t do the roof attachment or fixing the wires to the walls, but we will be happy to do a QUICK INSTALL (minimum order value depending on location) if you get a complete solar system from us.

Covered area: Northern Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro and Sayre Highway in between. For Davao etc surcharge or higher order volume will be required.

Needed materials (wire, connectors) will be charged as needed.


Example of a Quick Install:

We will deliver the system to your location, we will put the panels loosely in your garden – (not on the roof!), put the solar controller, batteries and inverter in your house. Then we will estimate the needed wire from the panel to the controller and sell it to you, get your batteries ready and wire everything, so you can see it in operation and use it.

It is recommend that you hire a local handy man, to do a roof install and put the wire in the right places and attach it properly and do further wire extensions if needed. We won’t do this, as the budget for a quick install is 30-60 minutes. But as you can see we do the complicated part, where somebody less qualified could do a mistake or be confused how to do it right.



Highland-Solar is finally officially grid-tied – the first residential grid tie in the Province!

After 2 years of application, following up, getting mad, getting tired, getting friendly, finally our friends from BUSECO installed a Netmeter for our farm. We can now provide our excess power to help the power grid of Malaybalay during daytime. With 3600 Watt it won’t make a big difference yet, but it will be much easier for new applicants now, who want to do a similar setup. And once we have a few hundred or even thousands of private roofs solarized, IT WILL make a HUGE difference and give us a very clean alternative to dirty coal plants, or even costly emergency diesel units.

Given the dramatically cheap solar panels these days you can quickly amortize your investment and give you better returns than any savings account imaginable. No need for lossy and expensive batteries that don’t last forever and prevented solar from being financially competitive. No worries that a big load like an air-conditioner or welding device could harm your inverter. It’s all history.

If you are interested and you happen to live in BUSECO service area (northern Bukidnon Malaybalay to Manolo), we can offer you a ready to run system and help you with the application and installation. Ask for our affordable packages and we explain everything in detail.

It might take until early 2015 until you can get started, as currently BUSECO is still monitoring our pilot project and hasn’t stocked up on the needed netmeters yet. Further we also evaluate the different grid-tie inverters to find the best system for each application.

We have further 2150W, 1760W, 1500W and 1500W grid-tie systems installed or coming up. Finally there is motion for real solar systems!

Price reduction

Once again we are happy to announce a price reduction from our previous P70/Watt to P65/Watt for retail quantities. Our panels are all Grade A and come with 90 cm high quality UV resistant solar wire and industry standard MC4 connectors attached (which is a P350 value). The cable has the perfect length to attach multiple panels to each other.

Prices down!

We reduced our Solar Panel prices from P80/Watt to P70/Watt. That’s 12.5% cheaper now and even more convincing to go solar. We are very happy to announce this, as even more people can afford it now and amortization might be 1-2 years faster for your system!
This new low price is even applicable to single panel purchases (60W+). Further discounts available for larger systems.