Solar Charge Controllers

PWM Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Controller 10A

We have controllers available at 10A – now only P1000, 20A at P1500 or 30A at P2000. These controller can run 12V and 24 V solar systems. It will take care of your solar battery, that it doesn’t overcharge and doesn’t run empty either – both of which is critical in not damaging your battery. It also prevents from energy flowing back to the panel at night.

As a special feature this controller can act as a timer and switch on your appliances for a set amount of hours after night fall.

Item No load losses Rated charging current Rated discharging current Over voltage protection boost charge voltage Direct charge voltage working temperature
10A less than 5mA 10A 10A 17V; *2/24V 14.6V; *2/24V 14.4V; *2/24V From -35℃ to +65℃
20A less than 5mA 20A 20A 17V; *2/24V 14.6V; *2/24V 14.4V; *2/24V From -35℃ to +65℃
30A less than 5mA 30A 30A 17V; *2/24V 14.6V; *2/24V 14.4V; *2/24V From -35℃ to +65℃

Over-load protection:when the current of controller is 1.25 times of the rated current,the controller works for 30 seconds;1.5 times of rated current, works for 5 seconds  Short circuit protection:when the current of controller is more than or equal to 3 times of rated current,the protection starts.

Over-charge,over-discharge,short circuit and over-load protection;Anti-connection-reverse protection for solar battery and storage battery.All the protections are harmless to any parts and fuse of controller

If you need more amperes you can use Solar controllers in parallel, just connect them to the same battery bank, but different panels.


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