DC Light bulbs

Matching to our small scale solar systems, we are also selling light bulbs that run on 12 Volt DC. If you want to run your solar system most efficiently, it is best to avoid an inverter -that consumes power itself- if possible.

We are stocking different choices of 12Volt light bulbs:


  • LED 3Watt 12Volt DC: Php 280
  • LED 5Watt 12Volt DC: Php 350
  • CFL 5Watt 12Volt DC: Php 250
  • CFL 13Watt 12Volt DC: Php 250

Regardless of the brand of LED – this also applies to many 220v led bulbs of other manufacturers – we advise for outdoor use to remove/unscrew the plastic cover as dead insects accumulate quickly. The corpses and their moisture can threaten the life span of the bulbs. Make sure you have a good outdoor casing that keeps things dry (no condensation!). Indoors no problem.


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