At least on smaller solar systems, the energy is usually stored in 12 Volt DC batteries. While you can use 12 Volt directly for some light bulbs and a few appliances, it is usually easier to transform the energy to 220 Volt AC – just like the one from a regular power outlet.
This is what you need an inverter for 🙂

The following inverters are pure sine inverters, which is like the royal class of inverters, as they produce power identical to that what you get from the grid, as such most appliances and device should work without any troubles, especially as our units run with 60 Hz – watch out for other imports that only do 50 Hz (which is globally way more common)

  • 500W inverter – 12 Volt DC-in 220 Volt 60 Hz AC out: Php 5500 (lowered from Php 6500)
  • 1000W inverter – 24 Volt DC-in 220 Volt 60 Hz AC out: Php 11500

All pure sine inverters include 2 extremely short (for better performance) cables and a few fuses. The power outlet allows connection of multinational power plugs (US/Phil, EU, UK/Singapore)

There are also much cheaper (around P1000) inverters on the market, but they have modified sine wave and run only limited devices (no refrigerator for example) and have a tendency to die in stress situations, that’s why we don’t offer those.


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