Solar Panels

Our panels are not local assembled, but industrial grade (A), laboratory produced, perfect appearance, tempered glass, hail proof heavy duty, IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 1703, CE, ISO 9001:2000 Certified, imported panels including 90 cm cables and MC4 connectors. Our price is very low because there are no middle-men or store rentals involved and the panels are not branded yet – straight from the factory in China, before being sold in the US as EcoSolargy brand (our boxes were already branded as such). We are running these panels ourselves to power our home, inn, car since several years and are most pleased with their quality and performance, thus we keep on importing from the same factory.
We give one year warranty on our panels, while you can get 25 years of 80% power output warranty from our manufacturer in China. Be careful with low durability panels offered elsewhere.

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Prices here are retail single piece. They get lower if you buy in quantity. For larger quantities P50,000+ we will also crate and ship.

Solar panel 30W Polycrystalline for 12V
Php 1,440
Technical specifications: 55*52.2*3cm, Vmp 17.2V, Imp 1.75A, Voc 21.8V, Isc 1.84A, Weight: 3.9 kg

Solar Panel 60w poly
Solar panel 60W Polycrystalline for 12V
Php 2,880
Technical specifications: 52*70.6*3cm, Vmp 17.8V, Imp 3.37A, Voc 22.5V, Isc 3.58A

Solar panel 90W Monocrystalline for 12V
Php 5,220
Technical specifications:
1200*550*30*25mm, Vmp 17.2V, Imp 5.23A, Voc 21.5V, Isc 5.6A, 7kg

Solar panel 150W Polycrystalline for 24V

Php 7,200
Technical specifications:
1475*665*30*25mm, Vmp 35.5V, Imp 4.23A, Voc 44.5V, Isc 4.56A

Solar Panel 215W Polycrystalline for 24V
Php 10,320
Technical specifications:
1645x990mm, Vmp 36.0V, Imp 5.97A, Voc 44.3V, Isc 6.45A, Weight: 18.3 kg

Also available:
T-pieces for parallel connection of Solar panels
Php 700 for a pair

MC4 connectors, so you can fit your appliances, solar pump etc. to our panels without cutting.
Php 150 for a pair



2 thoughts on “Solar Panels

    • Hi We are in Kalasungay, 4km from Malaybalay City. Just drop us a message at 0930 3194998 to make sure we are around. This is a farm, not a store that is permanently staffed.
      Thanks, Volker

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