Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater 150L
Solar Water Heater 150 L

Non pressurized, self feeding, stainless tank with aluminum stand. Heater pipes are evacuated glass tubes made from high quality boro-silicate (think Pyrex) glass. 11/15 pieces with 58mm diameter and 1800mm length.

Dimensions: 160mm(the length between front and behind foot), 125mm(width),160mm(height)

The price is pick-up price at our farm in Malaybalay City. If you have a very large house with a large family you can consider installing two units (one per bathroom), but if there are less than 6 people, one unit is ok for two bathrooms.

If you compare this with an electric water heater, the electric version might appear cheaper at first, but those use 3500Watts of power -compare that with a 9W light bulb!! Thus the solar heater amortizes quickly and comes you cheaper after a few years already! You can calculate that this device will lower your electric bill by P300 per month, thus P3600 a year, thus you have your return of investment after 5.5 years!! The investment is slightly higher than an electric heater, but in the moment you are talking two bathrooms, the solar heater is already on par, as you need only one unit for the whole house.
Further-on don’t forget that you have a tank with free water on your house. If there is brown-out: You still have hot water! If there is a city water outage: You still have hot water!

Being in the Philippines the water is always very hot, no other heating sources needed, even up in the mountains. The 150l tanks have a heavy insulation, so even in the morning or on rainy days the water is surprisingly hot. In fact you might get used to wash your dishes or laundry with hot water, and even get hot water for cooking from the faucet and save big time on the cooking expenses.

Installation can be done by your normal plumber. He needs to get two pipes on your roof: One for the cold water, the other one for the hot water that connects to your warm water faucet in the bathroom. For detailed info check our tutorials.

Our heaters are made from stainless steel, while the water is heated by the sun in evacuated glass pipes. Nothing really complicated, we are still riddling why we don’t see them on every roof.

This is to our knowledge the cheapest solar water heater in Mindanao and thanks to stainless and boro-silicate glass extremely durable.

We have a VERY LAST unit available that lacks 4 glass pipes, so it has only 11 instead of 15. Options are to just close the 4 holes (and given the Philippine sun the water will still get very very hot) with 4 improvised plugs (provided) or look for replacement, as those pipes have a standard diameter. We are sure you will find it hot enough without the missing pipes! Special price: Php 16,000


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