Solar Water Pump

A slightly different topic are our solar water pumps. The pumps run directly connected to a solar panel, once the sun starts shining.
installation diagram without battery and controller
All of our pumps -regardless of their waterhead- do up to 45l/min. Surely you can implement your own free water fall with it, but we suggest to collect rain water in an underground cistern or tap a deep well and pump it in a tank on the roof of your house. If you optimize things you can say good-bye to the next bill, but this time it is the water-bill!

Solar Water Pump 10m
The 24 Volt pumps can be used directly without controller and battery, just connect them, wait for the sun and the water will rise! The pumps have 76mm diameter (intake) and a 32mm thread for connecting a hose and run at 12 Volts or 24 Volts depending on the model. The casing is all stainless and they have 2 meter cable attached. It is rated IP68 and as such fully submersible, running at 18,000 RPM and have an average lifetime of 20,000 hrs. The pump is visible on the first photo above, it’s small against the panel.

    Available pumps:

  • Php 14,000 – 10 Meter head 12V 120W plastic coupling, recommended 180W Solar panels (2x 90W)
    Set price including 180W mono solar: Php 24,440,set price including 180W poly solar: Php 22,640
  • Php 14,000 – 10 Meter head 24V 144W plastic coupling, recommended 215W Solar panel (1x215W)
    Set price including poly 215W solar: Now only Php 24,320
  • Php 22,000 – 20 Meter head 12V 240W brass coupling, recommended 360W Solar panels (4x 90W)
    Set price including 360W mono solar: Php 42,880, set price including 360W poly solar: Php 39,280

We don’t and we will not have larger than 20 m water head available. Stocks are limited, we have only a few units left.

The 12 Volt pumps have a Voltage range of 12-18 Volts. Note that most panels have up to 20 Volts, thus you need to use a controller and battery.
The 24 Volt pumps have a Voltage range of 22-45 Volts thus allowing direct solar applications with or without controller.

We strongly recommend to use the pumps only with our recommended panels, do never attach more than the recommended wattage.

pumps with brass outlet and intake1
These pumps have an integrated MPPT controller, which makes them a lot more powerful than the previous versions. They now can now even exceed their stated waterhead.
Further they have an overvoltage and overcurrent-protection and the 20 meter pumps have brass couplings instead of plastic.
We were able to verify with the supplier and a customer that these can be also used with salt water applications.

Thread diameter is 32mm

We offer one week warranty for the pump, so you have enough time to test functionality. For further service or parts you will need to contact the manufacturer in China, as we are not a regular importer or repair service of these pumps.

We tried several of the pumps here and are quite impressed, how much water you can pump with a single panel! This however during full sunshine, once there are clouds performance decreases.

Hose adapter for 1 inch hose


For maximum waterhead it’s best to run them on a panel (full sun at 90 degree) and controller with battery, so the battery remains at perfect charge condition. Don’t run your planning too tight (using a 10m pump for 10m elevation) as you won’t be able to use it on days where the sky is not perfect – add allowance.

Submersible solar pump with 10 and 30m water head

The water pumps can be shipped via LBC nationwide, insured shipping for the small 10meter pumps starts at P450.


We also have electric float switches for 12/24V (max 10 Amp!) at Php 900 that can turn on/off the pump automatically. Since they can do only 10 Amps these are only recommended for our 10 meter water head pumps.
Float Switch manual


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